ASP-DAC 2021: Procedures for Registration

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Clicking the link "Registration" leads to the first phase.
Phase 1. Visit Registration System
To submit new registration, click the "Add" button, leading to the next phase. To check, modify or delete your registration previously submitted, select "Check", "Modify" or "Delete", enter the Registration ID and password, and then click the "Check/Modify/Delete" button, leading to the next phase.
Phase 2. Enter information of your registration, etc.
Enter necessary data as directed. After entering necessary information, click the button in the bottom like the following one:

Submit: Click this button!!

Phase 3. Completing submission of your registration.
For your confirmation, the registered data will be sent to you by an e-mail and shown in the confirmation page.
Phase 4. To pay by a credit card
If you pay by a credit card then, after your registration is completed, please access to the payment system by clicking the following button in the confirmation page:

Access the payment system: Click this button!!

or visiting directly the entrance of the payment system.