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International Workshop on Trends in Advanced Spectroscopy in Materials Science
Technical Program

Remark: The presenter of each abstract is marked with "*".
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Session Schedule

Thursday, October 4, 2018

12:00 -
14:00 - 14:10
14:10 - 16:10
16:10 - 16:30
16:30 - 18:10
P  Poster Session
18:10 - 20:30
Friday, October 5, 2018

Light meal
8:30 - 9:00
9:00 - 10:30
10:30 - 10:50
10:50 - 12:20
12:20 - 14:00
14:00 - 15:50
15:50 - 16:10
16:10 - 17:50
18:30 - 20:30
Saturday, October 6, 2018

Light meal
8:30 - 9:00
9:00 - 10:30
10:30 - 10:50
10:50 - 12:20
12:20 - 14:00
14:00 - 15:10
15:10 - 15:20

List of abstracts

Remark: The presenter of each abstract is marked with "*".

Thursday, October 4, 2018

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Session Th1 
Time: 14:10 - 16:10 Thursday, October 4, 2018
Chair: Kenya Shimada (Hiroshima Univ., Japan)

Th1-1 (Time: 14:10 - 14:40)
Title(Invited Paper) Fs- Time resolved XPS from model systems for organic photovoltaics---new insights into the charge generation process
Author*Wolfgang Eberhardt (DESY, Center for Free Electron Laser Science, Germany)
Pagep. 1

Th1-2 (Time: 14:40 - 15:10)
Title(Invited Paper) Time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy at free-electron lasers
Author*Kai Rossnagel (Christian-Albrechts-Univ. zu Kiel, Germany)
Pagep. 2

Th1-3 (Time: 15:10 - 15:40)
Title(Invited Paper) Local Probing of Materials Properties and Drug Delivery Processes by Synchrotron Radiation
Author*Eckart Rühl (Freie Univ. Berlin, Germany)
Pagep. 3

Th1-4 (Time: 15:40 - 16:10)
Title(Invited Paper) Radial band structure of liquid metals
Author*Han Woong Yeom (Institute of Basic Science, Republic of Korea)
Pagep. 4

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Session Th2 
Time: 16:30 - 18:10 Thursday, October 4, 2018
Chair: Sakura Takeda (NAIST, Japan)

Th2-1 (Time: 16:30 - 16:50)
TitleTime-Resolved X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study on Photoresponsivity of Phthalocyanine and C60 in Ultrathin Layered Phthalocyanine/C60/TiO2 systems
Author*Kenichi Ozawa (Tokyo Inst. of Tech., Japan), Susumu Yamamoto (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), Marie D'angelo (Institut des NanoSciences de Paris, France), Yuto Natsui, Naoya Terashima (Hirosaki Univ., Japan), Kazuhiko Mase (KEK, Japan), Iwao Matsuda (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Pagep. 5

Th2-2 (Time: 16:50 - 17:10)
TitleProlonged photocarriers generated in Black phosphorus
Author*Munisa Nurmamat (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Yukiaki Ishida (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), Ryohei Yori, Kazuki Sumida, Siyuan Zhu (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Masashi Nakatake (Aichi Synchrotron Radiation Center, Japan), Yoshifumi Ueda, Masaki Taniguchi (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Shik Shin (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), Yuichi Akahama (Univ. of Hyogo, Japan), Akio Kimura (Hiroshima Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 6

Th2-3 (Time: 17:10 - 17:30)
TitleA bi-directional surface photovoltaic shift on a topological insulator
Author*Tomoki Yoshikawa, Kazuki Sumida (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Yukiaki Ishida (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), Jiahua Chen, Munisa Nurmamat (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Konstantin A. Kokh, Oleg E. Tereshchenko (Novosibirsk State Univ., Russian Federation), Shik Shin (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), Akio Kimura (Hiroshima Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 7

Th2-4 (Time: 17:30 - 17:50)
TitleAngle-Resolved Photoemission Study of High-Tc Cuprate Superconductor Bi2Sr2Ca(Cu1-xCox) 2O8+δ
Author*Takeo Miyashita, W. Mansuer, H. Takita, T. Kubo, S. Ishizaka, H. Iwasawa, E. F. Schwier, K. Shimada, M. Arita (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Y. Numata, T. Uto, A. Matsuda (Waseda Univ., Japan), A. Ino (Kurume Inst. of Tech., Japan)
Pagep. 8

Th2-5 (Time: 17:50 - 18:10)
TitleDevelopment of reversed double-beam photoacoustic spectroscopy for identification of metal-oxide powders
Author*Mai Takashima, Akio Nitta (Hokkaido Univ., Japan), Mai Takase (Muroran Inst. of Tech., Japan), Bunsho Ohtani (Hokkaido Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 9

Friday, October 5, 2018

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Session Fr1 
Time: 9:00 - 10:30 Friday, October 5, 2018
Chair: Kyoko Ishizaka (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)

Fr1-1 (Time: 9:00 - 9:30)
Title(Invited Paper) Orbital character of electronic states and its relevance for angle resolved photoemission
Author*Friedrich Reinert, Hendrik Bentmann (Univ. Würzburg, Germany)
Pagep. 10

Fr1-2 (Time: 9:30 - 10:00)
Title(Invited Paper) Cooperative Interactions as a Route to High Temperature Superconductivity
Author*Zhi-Xun Shen (Stanford Univ., U.S.A.)
Pagep. 11

Fr1-3 (Time: 10:00 - 10:30)
Title(Invited Paper) Microfocus laser-ARPES on encapsulated mono-, bi- and few-layer 1T'-WTe2
Author*Felix Baumberger, Irene Cucchi, Anna Tamai, Ignacio Gutierrez-Lezama, Marco Gibertini, Alberto Morpurgo (Univ. of Geneva, Switzerland)
Pagep. 12

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Session Fr2 
Time: 10:50 - 12:20 Friday, October 5, 2018
Chair: Takayuki Kiss (Osaka Univ., Japan)

Fr2-1 (Time: 10:50 - 11:10)
TitleDisorder quenching of the Charge Density Wave in ZrTe3
Author*Moritz Hoesch (DESY, Germany), Alex M. Ganose (Univ. College London, U.K.), Liam Gannon (Oxford Univ., U.K.), Kenya Shimada (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Ben Parrett (Univ. College London, U.K.), Matthew D. Watson (Univ. of St. Andrews, U.K.), Timur K. Kim (Diamond Light Source, U.K.), Heichang C. Lei, Xiangde D. Zhu (Brookhaven National Laboratory, U.S.A.), David O. Scanlon (Univ. College London, U.K.), Cedomir Petrovic (Brookhaven National Laboratory, U.S.A.)
Pagep. 13

Fr2-2 (Time: 11:10 - 11:30)
TitleSurface termination and electronic reconstruction in YBa2Cu3O7−δ revealed by micro-ARPES
Author*Hideaki Iwasawa (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Niels B. M. Schröter (Swiss Light Source, Switzerland), Takahiko Masui (Kindai Univ., Japan), Setsuko Tajima (Osaka Univ., Japan), Timur K. Kim (Diamond Light Source, U.K.), Moritz Hoesch (DESY, Germany)
Pagep. 14

Fr2-3 (Time: 11:30 - 11:50)
TitleAt the edge of μ-ARPES: The best of both worlds?
Author*E. F. Schwier, H. Takita, W. Mansur, T. Miyashita (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), A. Ino (Kurume Inst. of Tech., Japan), M. Hoesch (DESY, Germany), M. D. Watson (Diamond Light Source, U.K.), A. A. Haghighirad (Karlsruhe Inst. of Tech., Germany), C. Nicholson (Fritz-Haber-Institut of the Max Planck Society, Germany), C. Monney (Département de Physique and Fribourg Center for Nanomaterials, Switzerland), H. Iwasawa (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Y. Aiura (AIST, Japan), K. Shimada (Hiroshima Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 15

Fr2-4 (Time: 11:50 - 12:20)
Title(Invited Paper) Microbeam ARPES and high-resolution RFA: Newly developed photoemission stations at soft-x-ray beamline BL25SU of SPring-8
Author*Takayuki Muro, Yasunori Senba, Haruhiko Ohashi, Tomohiro Matsushita, Toyohiko Kinoshita (JASRI, Japan), Shik Shin (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Pagep. 16

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Session Fr3 
Time: 14:00 - 15:50 Friday, October 5, 2018
Chair: Fumihiko Matsui (NAIST, Japan)

Fr3-1 (Time: 14:00 - 14:20)
TitleResonance Inelastic X-ray Scattering under External Magnetic Field: Complementary Technique to the Spin- and Angle-resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Author*Shigemasa Suga, Hidenori Fujiwara (Osaka Univ., Japan), Gernot Guentherodt (Physics Center, RWTH, Germany), Arunaya Gupta (Univ. of Alabama, U.S.A.), Jun Miyawaki (Univ. of Tokyo, Germany), Yoshihisa Harada (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), Rie Umetsu (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 17

Fr3-2 (Time: 14:20 - 14:50)
Title(Invited Paper) Probing buried interfaces with standing-wave and spin-resolved soft- and hard- x-ray photoemission and RIXS
Author*Slavomir Nemsak (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, U.S.A.), Cheng-Tai Kuo, Shih-Chieh Lin, Mathias Gehlmann, Armela Keqi, Giuseppina Conti (Univ. of California, Davis/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, U.S.A.), Hendrik Bluhm (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, U.S.A.), Ryan Comes (Auburn Univ., U.S.A.), Scott A. Chambers (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, U.S.A.), Alex X. Gray (Temple Univ., U.S.A.), Chuck S. Fadley (Univ. of California, Davis/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, U.S.A.)
Pagep. 18

Fr3-3 (Time: 14:50 - 15:20)
Title(Invited Paper) Spatially resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy of functional materials measured using soft X-ray scanning X-ray microscopy
Author*Adam P. Hitchcock (McMaster Univ., Canada)
Pagep. 19

Fr3-4 (Time: 15:20 - 15:50)
Title(Invited Paper) Resonant soft x ray reflectometry and the electronic structure of thin films heterostructures and interfaces
Author*George A. Sawatzky (Univ. of British Columbia, Canada), R. J. Green (Univ. of Saskatchewan, Canada)
Pagep. 20

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Session Fr4 
Time: 16:10 - 17:50 Friday, October 5, 2018
Chair: Toyohiko Kinoshita (JASRI, Japan)

Fr4-1 (Time: 16:10 - 16:40)
Title(Invited Paper) Analysis of 3D Atomic Arrangement of Active-site by Photoelectron and Other Atomic-resolution Holographies
Author*Hiroshi Daimon (NAIST, Japan)
Pagep. 21

Fr4-2 (Time: 16:40 - 17:10)
Title(Invited Paper) Current situation and future prospects of ultra-high-resolution laser-photoemission spectroscopy
Author*Shik Shin (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Pagep. 22

Fr4-3 (Time: 17:10 - 17:30)
Title(Invited Paper) Understanding Electron Correlation from Photoemission Spectroscopy: Single-Site to Multi-Site Pictures
Author*Atsushi Fujimori (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Pagep. 23

Fr4-4 (Time: 17:30 - 17:50)
Title(Invited Paper) Progress in Molecular Inner-shell Spectroscopy
Author*Nobuhiro Kosugi (IMSS, KEK, Japan)
Pagep. 24

Saturday, October 6, 2018

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Session Sa1 
Time: 9:00 - 10:30 Saturday, October 6, 2018
Chair: Akio Kimura (Hiroshima Univ., Japan)

Sa1-1 (Time: 9:00 - 9:30)
Title(Invited Paper) Operando measurements and interference effects in spin-resolved ARPES
Author*Jan Hugo Dil (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland)
Pagep. 25

Sa1-2 (Time: 9:30 - 10:00)
Title(Invited Paper) Exploration of hidden spin-polarized electronic states by spin-resolved photoemission
Author*Taichi Okuda (Hiroshima Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 26

Sa1-3 (Time: 10:00 - 10:30)
Title(Invited Paper) Recent Developments in Spin-Dependent Photoemission
Author*Claus M. Schneider (Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany)
Pagep. 27

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Session Sa2 
Time: 10:50 - 12:20 Saturday, October 6, 2018
Chair: Masaru Takizawa (Ritsumeikan Univ., Japan)

Sa2-1 (Time: 10:50 - 11:10)
TitleTopological surface states of the Kondo insulator SmB6 unveiled from the new crystal orientation
Author*Yoshiyuki Ohtsubo, Yuki Yamashita, Kenta Hagiwara (Osaka Univ., Japan), Shin-ichiro Ideta, Kiyohisa Tanaka (Institute for Molecular Science, Japan), Ryu Yukawa, Koji Horiba, Hiroshi Kumigashira (KEK, Japan), Koji Miyamoto, Taichi Okuda (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Wataru Hirano, Fumitoshi Iga (Ibaraki Univ., Japan), Shin-ichi Kimura (Osaka Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 28

Sa2-2 (Time: 11:10 - 11:30)
TitleResolving the microscopic driving mechanisms of a semimetal-to-semiconductor transition in ultrathin bismuth films
Author*Suguru Ito (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), Masashi Arita, Baojie Feng (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Wei-Chuan Chen (NSRRC, Taiwan), Hirofumi Namatame, Masaki Taniguchi (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Cheng-Maw Cheng (NSRRC, Taiwan), Guang Bian (Univ. of Missouri, U.S.A.), Shu-Jung Tang (National Tsing Hua Univ., Taiwan), Tai-Chang Chiang (Univ. of Illinois, U.S.A.), Fumio Komori, Iwao Matsuda (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Pagep. 29

Sa2-3 (Time: 11:30 - 11:50)
TitleCombined Study of XAS and XPS for Ag1-xSn1+xSe2 (x = 0.0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.25 and 1.0)
Author*Takanori Wakita (Okayama Univ., Japan), Eugenio Paris (Sapienza Univ. of Rome, Italy), Kaya Kobayashi, Kensei Terashima (Okayama Univ., Japan), Muammer Yasin Hacisalihoglu (Sapienza Univ. of Rome and Recep Tayyip Erdogan Univ., Turkey), Teppei Ueno (Okayama Univ., Japan), Federica Bondino (IOM-CNR, Italy), Elena Magnano (IOM-CNR and Univ. of Johannesburg, Italy), Igor Pis (IOM-CNR and Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy), Luca Olivi (Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy), Jun Akimitsu, Yuji Muraoka, Takayoshi Yokoya (Okayama Univ., Japan), Naurang L. Saini (Sapienza Univ. of Rome, Italy)
Pagep. 30

Sa2-4 (Time: 11:50 - 12:20)
Title(Invited Paper) Revising the 4f symmetry in CeCu2Ge2 probed by polarized hard X-ray photoemission spectroscopy
Author*Hidenori Fujiwara (Osaka Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 31

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Session Sa3 
Time: 14:00 - 15:10 Saturday, October 6, 2018
Chair: Masanari Nagasaka (IMS, Japan)

Sa3-1 (Time: 14:00 - 14:30)
Title(Invited Paper) High resolution and radiation-damage free inverse photoelectron spectroscopy
Author*Hiroyuki Yoshida (Chiba Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 32

Sa3-2 (Time: 14:30 - 14:50)
TitleElectronic States of Molecular Solids and Interfaces Revealed by Synchrotron-Radiation-Based Spectroscopies
Author*Hiroyuki Yamane (RIKEN SPring-8 Center, Japan), Nobuhiro Kosugi (Institute of Materials Structure Science, Japan)
Pagep. 33

Sa3-3 (Time: 14:50 - 15:10)
TitleExploring non-radiative relaxation processes in X-ray irradiated liquid water and aqueous solutions
Author*Stephan Thürmer (Kyoto Univ., Japan), Robert Seidel (Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, BESSY II, Germany), Bernd Winter (Fritz Haber Institute, Germany)
Pagep. 34

Thursday, October 4, 2018

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Session P  Poster Session
Time: 18:10 - 20:30 Thursday, October 4, 2018

P-1 (Absorption Spectroscopy)
TitleOperando NIR spectroscopy of NH3 and NH4+ adsorbed on the Cu2+/ZSM-5 zeolites under NH3 flow conditions
Author*Misaki Yanagi, Yingtong Bao, Masaya Matsuoka, Masato Takeuchi (Osaka Prefecture Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 35

P-2 (Absorption Spectroscopy)
TitleMicrofluidics of Liquid Mixtures Observed by Spatially Resolved Soft X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Author*Masanari Nagasaka, Anna A. Vu, Hayato Yuzawa, Noriko Takada, Masaki Aoyama (Institute for Molecular Science, Japan), Eckart Rühl (Freie Univ. Berlin, Germany), Nobuhiro Kosugi (Institute for Molecular Science, Japan)
Pagep. 36

P-3 (Absorption Spectroscopy)
TitleSoft X-ray XAFS studies of nanocluster formed in Al-Mg-Si alloys
Author*Serina Tanaka, Takehiro Nonomura, Hiroki Adachi (Univ. of Hyogo, Japan)
Pagep. 37

P-4 (Absorption Spectroscopy)
TitleChemical state analysis of oxidizing graphene on porous alumina
Author*Kota Takaoka (Ritsumeikan Univ., Japan), Shiro Entani, Seiji Sakai (National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology, Japan), Kei Mitsuhara, Masaru Takizawa (Ritsumeikan Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 38

P-5 (Absorption Spectroscopy)
TitleSite-selective soft X-ray emission study of oxalic acids in aqueous solutions
Author*Ryosuke Yamamura, Taiga Suenaga (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Takashi Tokushima (MAX IV Laboratory, Sweden), Osamu Takahashi (Hiroshima Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 39

P-6 (Absorption Spectroscopy)
TitleQuasi-Free-Standing Monolayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride on Ni Studied by XAS, XES, and PEEM
Author*Satoru Suzuki, Yuichi Haruyama, Masahito Niibe, Takashi Tokushima, Akinobu Yamaguchi, Yuichi Utsumi, Atsushi Ito (Univ. of Hyogo, Japan), Ryo Kadowaki, Akane Maruta, Tadashi Abukawa (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 40

P-7 (Absorption Spectroscopy)
TitlePolarization dependence of S K-edge XAFS spectra from polythiophene thin film under total reflection condition
Author*Yuta Hamashima, Kohei Fukuda, Kenji Komaguchi, Shinjiro Hayakawa (Hiroshima Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 41

P-8 (Absorption Spectroscopy)
TitleTracking of metal valence by dispersive XAFS spectrometer using a conventional X-ray source
Author*Taketo Omura, Ryosuke Morimura, Kenji Komaguchi, Shinjiro Hayakawa (Hiroshima Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 42

P-9 (Absorption Spectroscopy)
TitleXAFS characterization of iodine inserted onto organo-MnO2 thin film and its electrochemical desorption
Author*Shinjiro Hayakawa, Misa Kondo, Alvaro Munoz-Noval, Kenji Komaguchi (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Masaharu Nakayama (Yamaguchi Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 43

P-10 (Absorption Spectroscopy)
TitleCo ultrathin films intercalated into h-BN/Ni(111) probed by soft X-ray magnetic circular dichroism
Author*Yuka Ohashi, Norikazu Ichikawa, Tatsuya Mayumi, Masahiro Sawada (Hiroshima Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 44

P-11 (Absorption Spectroscopy)
TitleAntiferromagnetic Interlayer Coupling of Co/h-BN/Ni(111) Studied by Soft X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism
Author*Norikazu Ichikawa, Yuka Ohashi, Masahiro Sawada, Akio Kimura (Hiroshima Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 45

P-12 (Absorption Spectroscopy)
TitlePolarization-dependent X-ray absorption spectroscopy on rutile TiO2(110)
Author*Daichi Yuyama, Kei Mitsuhara, Masaru Takizawa (Ritsumeikan Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 46

P-13 (Absorption Spectroscopy)
TitleN K-edge X-ray Absorption Spectra of Transition-Metal Pernitrides Synthesized under Extremely High Pressures
Author*Kazuo Soda, Masahiko Kato, Ken Niwa, Masashi Hasegawa (Nagoya Univ., Japan), Masashi Nakatake (Aichi Synchrotron Radiation Center, Japan)
Pagep. 47

P-14 (Absorption Spectroscopy)
TitleChange in Charge State of Bi Ions in BaBiO3 Due to Rare-Earth Incorporation
Author*Rintaro Arai, Akihisa Kamata, Tomoyuki Yamamoto (Waseda Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 48

P-15 (Absorption Spectroscopy)
TitleValence State Analysis of Magnetic Ions in Ba and Mn Incorporated Sr2FeMoO6 by X-ray Absorption Near-Edge Structure
Author*Shingo Obunai (Waseda Univ., Japan), Umar Zafari, Mekhrdod Subhoni (Academy of Sciences, Tajikistan), Tomoyuki Yamamoto (Waseda Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 49

P-16 (Imaging, Holography)
TitleAnalysis Tools for Atomic Resolution Holography
Author*Tomohiro Matsushita (JASRI, Japan), Naohisa Happo (Hiroshima City Univ., Japan), Kouichi Hayashi (Nagoya Inst. of Tech., Japan)
Pagep. 50

P-17 (Imaging, Holography)
Title3-Dimensional Chemical Mapping of an Isolated Cell Nucleus
Author*Takuji Ohigashi (Institute for Molecular Science, Japan), Kunio Shinohara (Tokai Univ., Japan), Shigenobu Tone (Tokyo Denki Univ., Japan), Hayato Yuzawa (Institute for Molecular Science, Japan), Atsushi Ito (Tokai Univ., Japan), Nobuhiro Kosugi (Institute for Molecular Science, Japan)
Pagep. 51

P-18 (Time-resolved spectroscopy)
TitleTime-resolved ARPES study on Ta2NiSe5
Author*Takeshi Suzuki, Mari Watanabe (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), Yangfang Lu (Tokyo Tech. Univ., Japan), Minoru Nohara (Okayama Univ., Japan), Hide Takagi (Max Planck Institute, Germany), Naoyuki Katayama, Hiroshi Sawa (Nagoya Univ., Japan), Masami Fujisawa, Teruto Kanai, Nobuhisa Ishii, Jiro Itatani (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), Takashi Mizokawa (Waseda Univ., Japan), Kozo Okazaki, Shik Shin (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Pagep. 52

P-19 (Time-resolved spectroscopy)
TitlePhotoinduced dynamics of spin-orbital liquid Ba3CuSb2O9 probed by time-resolved resonant soft x-ray scattering
Author*Kou Takubo, Kohei Yamamoto, Yasuyuki Hirata, Hiroki Wadati, Huiyuan Man, Satoru Nakatsuji (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Pagep. 53

P-20 (Spin-resolved spectroscopy, topological materials)
TitleQuasi-1D surface states with giant spin splitting on Bi/InAs(110)-(2×1)
Author*Takuto Nakamura, Yoshiyuki Ohtsubo (Osaka Univ., Japan), Koichiro Yaji, Ayumi Harasawa, Shik Shin, Fumio Komori (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), Ryu Yukawa, Koji Horiba, Hiroshi Kumigashira (KEK, Japan), Shin-ichiro Ideta, Kiyohisa Tanaka (IMS, Japan), Shin-ichi Kimura (Osaka Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 54

P-21 (Photoemission spectroscopy, correlated materials)
TitleElectronic structure of Pr1-xYxCoO3 probed by photoemission spectroscopy
Author*Daisuke Kanai, Ryohei Takayanagi, Mario Okawa (Tokyo Univ. of Science, Japan), Yoshihiko Kobayashi (Tokyo Medical Univ., Japan), Masaki Kobayashi, Masato Minohara, Koji Horiba, Hiroshi Kumigashira (KEK, Japan), Akira Yasui, Eiji Ikenaga (JASRI, Japan), Tomohiko Saitoh (Tokyo Univ. of Science, Japan)
Pagep. 55

P-22 (Photoemission spectroscopy, correlated materials)
TitleImprovement of Pumping Speeds of Oxygen-Free Palladium/Titanium Non-Evaporable Getter (NEG) Coating by Removing Carbon Contamination
Author*Tetsuya Miyazawa (SOKENDAI, Japan), Yu Kano, Yasuo Nakayama (Tokyo Univ. of Science, Japan), Kenichi Ozawa (Tokyo Inst. of Tech., Japan), Toshiharu Iga (Osaka Vacuum, Japan), Misao Yamanaka, Ayako Hashimoto (NIMS, Japan), Takashi Kikuchi, Kazuhiko Mase (KEK, Japan)
Pagep. 56

P-23 (Photoemission spectroscopy, correlated materials)
TitleXPS Study on the Thermal Stability of Oxygen-Free Pd/Ti Thin Film, a New Non-Evaporable Getter (NEG) Coating
AuthorTetsuya Miyazawa (SOKENDAI, Japan), Masashi Kurihara, Shinya Ohno (Yokohama National Univ., Japan), Misao Yamanaka, Ayako Hashimoto (NIMS, Japan), Takashi Kikuchi, *Kazuhiko Mase (KEK, Japan)
Pagep. 57

P-24 (Photoemission spectroscopy, correlated materials)
TitleHard X-Ray Momentum Microscopy with ToF Analysis
Author*Sergey Babenkov, Kateria Medjanik, Dmitry Vasilyev, Sergey Chernov (Johannes Gutenberg-Univ., Germany), Benidikt Schönhense (Imperial College London, U.K.), Christoph Schlueter, Andrei Gloskovskii, Yury Matveyev, Wolfgang Drube (DESY photon science, Germany), Hans-Joachim Elmers, Gerd Schönhense (Johannes Gutenberg-Univ., Germany)
Pagep. 58

P-25 (Photoemission spectroscopy, correlated materials)
TitleElectronic state modification of Cu nanoparticles on TiO2(110) : Effect of oxygen exposure
Author*Toshitaka Aoki, Takeru Yagi, Daichi Yuyama, Kei Mitsuhara, Masaru Takizawa (Ritsumeikan Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 59

P-26 (Photoemission spectroscopy, correlated materials)
TitleElectronic states analysis of Li metal by photoelectron spectroscopy
Author*Ryo Ihara, Kei Mitsuhara, Masaru Takizawa (Ritsumeikan Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 60

P-27 (Photoemission spectroscopy, correlated materials)
Title4pi kz periodicity in photoemission from MoSe2
Author*Fumihiko Matsui, Seiji Makita, Kiyohisa Tanaka (Institute for Molecular Science, Japan), Hiroyuki Yamane (SPring-8, Riken, Japan), Nobuhiro Kosugi (IMSS, KEK, Japan)
Pagep. 61

P-28 (Photoemission spectroscopy, correlated materials)
TitleGrowth of nano Fe islands on Si(111)7×7 surfaces modified with ammonia
Author*Liliany Noviyanty Pamasi, Haoyu Yang, Shota Nishida, Shohei Takemoto, Ken Hattori, Hiroshi Daimon (NAIST, Japan)
Pagep. 62

P-29 (Photoemission spectroscopy, correlated materials)
TitleElectronic state analysis of Cu nanoparticles on SrTiO3(001)
Author*Takeru Yagi, Daichi Yuyama, Toshitaka Aoki, Kei Mitsuhara, Masaru Takizawa (Ritsumeikan Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 63

P-30 (Photoemission spectroscopy, correlated materials)
TitleLaser ARPES and Magneto-transport studies of BiSbTe3 Topological Insulator
Author*Shiv Kumar (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Vinod K. Gangwar (Indian Inst. of Tech. (BHU), India), Prashant Shahi (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), Hitoshi Takita (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Yufeng Zhang (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), Swapnil Patil (Indian Inst. of Tech. (BHU), India), Eike F. Schwier, Kenya Shimada (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Yoshiya Uwatoko (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), Sandip Chatterjee (Indian Inst. of Tech. (BHU), India)
Pagep. 64

P-31 (Photoemission spectroscopy, correlated materials)
TitleBulk and surface states of W(110) investigated by photon energy dependent high-resolution ARPES
Author*Wataru Yamamoto, Kenya Shimada, Eike F. Schwier (Hiroshima Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 65

P-32 (Photoemission spectroscopy, correlated materials)
TitleYb L3 Resonant Hard X-Ray Photoemission Spectroscopy of Valence Transition Compound YbInCu4
Author*Kazuhiro Maeda, Hitoshi Sato (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Yu Akedo, Taku Kawabata, Kodai Abe, Ryohei Shimokasa (Osaka Prefecture Univ., Japan), Akira Yasui, Masaichiro Mizumaki, Naomi Kawamura, Satoshi Tsutsui (JASRI, Japan), Eiji Ikenaga (Nagoya Univ., Japan), Keisuke Matsumoto, Koichi Hiraoka (Ehime Univ., Japan), Kojiro Mimura (Osaka Prefecture Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 66

P-33 (Photoemission spectroscopy, correlated materials)
TitleFermi velocity and electron self-energy of Ni studied by polarization and photon energy dependent ARPES
Author*Hikari Namatame, Shiv Kumar, Eike F. Schwier (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Yoshihiro Aiura (AIST, Japan), Kenya Shimada (Hiroshima Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 67

P-34 (Photoemission spectroscopy, correlated materials)
TitleBuried double CuO chains in YBa2Cu4O8 uncovered by nano-ARPES
AuthorHideaki Iwasawa (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Pavel Dudin (Diamond Light Source, U.K.), Kyosuke Inui, Takahiko Masui (Kindai Univ., Japan), Moritz Hoesch (DESY, Germany), Timur K. Kim, *Cephise Cacho (Diamond Light Source, U.K.)
Pagep. 68

P-35 (Photoemission spectroscopy, correlated materials)
TitleA magnetic Weyl fermion state in non-collinear antiferromagnet Mn3Sn
Author*Kenta Kuroda, T. Tomita (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), M. T. Suzuki (RIKEN, Japan), C. Bareille, A. A. Nugroho (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), P. Goswami (Univ. of Maryland, U.S.A.), M. Ochi (Osaka Univ., Japan), M. Ikhlas, M. Nakayama, S. Akebi, R. Noguchi (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), N. Inami, K. Ono, H. Kumigashira (KEK, Japan), A. Varykhalov (BESSY II, Germany), T. Muro (JASRI, Japan), T. Koretsune, R. Arita (RIKEN, Japan), S. Shin, T. Kondo, S. Nakatsuji (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Pagep. 69

P-36 (Photoemission spectroscopy, correlated materials)
TitleExperimental Determination of the Topological Phase Diagram in Cerium Monopnictides
Author*Kenta Kuroda (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), M. Ochi (Osaka Univ., Japan), H. S. Suzuki (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), M. Hirayama (RIKEN, Japan), M. Nakayama, R. Noguchi, C. Bareille, S. Akebi, S. Kunisada (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), T. Muro (JASRI, Japan), M. D. Watson (DIAMOND light source, U.K.), H. Kitazawa (NIMS, Japan), Y. Haga (JAEA, Japan), T. K. Kim, M. Hoesch (DIAMOND light source, U.K.), S. Shin (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), R. Arita (RIKEN, Japan), T. Kondo (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Pagep. 70

P-38 (New Methods, Light Sources)
TitleEstimation of band structure of metal-oxide samples through reversed double-beam photoacoustic spectroscopy
Author*Yang Shen, Akio Nitta, Mai Takashima, Bunsho Ohtani (Hokkaido Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 71

P-39 (New Methods, Light Sources)
TitleTime-Resolved Atomic Imaging of 3D Active Site by Micro-Photoelectron Holography at SPring-8
Author*Toyohiko Kinoshita, Takayuki Muro (JASRI, Japan), Hiroshi Daimon (NAIST, Japan), Fumihiko Matsui (Institute for Molecular Science, Japan), Masaru Shimomura (Shizuoka Univ., Japan), Munetaka Taguchi (Toshiba Nanoanalysis, Japan), Takayoshi Yokoya, Takanori Wakita, Kensei Terashima (Okayama Univ., Japan), Kazuo Tsutsui (Tokyo Inst. of Tech., Japan), Hitoshi Osawa (JASRI, Japan), Hiroyuki Matsuda (NAIST, Japan), Tomohiro Matsushita (JASRI, Japan)
Pagep. 72

P-40 (New Methods, Light Sources)
TitleGeneration of XUV Vortex Beam and Its Application to Photoionization Study of Rare Gas Atoms
Author*Tatsuo Kaneyasu (SAGA Light Source, Japan), Yasumasa Hikosaka (Univ. of Toyama, Japan), Masaki Fujimoto, Hiroshi Iwayama (Institute for Molecular Science, Japan), Masahito Hosaka (Nagoya Univ., Japan), Eiji Shigemasa, Masahiro Katoh (Institute for Molecular Science, Japan)
Pagep. 73

P-41 (New Methods, Light Sources)
TitleResonant inelactic x-ray scattering on the resonant excitation using a semiclassical scheme
Author*Osamu Takahashi (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Mathias Ljungberg (Savantic AB, Sweden)
Pagep. 74

P-42 (New Methods, Light Sources)
TitleVector beam generation with tandem helical undulators
Author*Shunya Matsuba, Keigo Kawase, Atsushi Miyamoto, Shigemi Sasaki (Hiroshima Univ., Japan), Masaki Fujimoto, Taro Konomi (Institute for Molecular Science, Japan), Naoto Yamamoto, Masahito Hosaka (Nagoya Univ., Japan), Masahiro Katoh (Institute for Molecular Science, Japan)
Pagep. 75

P-43 (Other)
TitleOperando Soft X-ray Emission Spectroscopy of Electrode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries
Author*Daisuke Asakura, Yusuke Nanba, Takaaki Sudayama (AIST, Japan), Jun Miyawaki, Hideharu Niwa, Hisao Kiuchi, Kosuke Yamazoe (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), Hirofumi Matsuda (AIST, Japan), Yoshihisa Harada (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), Eiji Hosono (AIST, Japan)
Pagep. 76

P-44 (Other)
TitleThe structural property change of SrTiO3(001) surface by thermal treatment
Author*Kei Mitsuhara, Daichi Yuyama, Takeru Yagi, Masaru Takizawa (Ritsumeikan Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 77

P-45 (Other)
TitleUnique Interaction between Myelin Basic Protein and Phosphatidylinositol 4, 5-Bisphosphate Characterized by Vacuum-Ultraviolet Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy
Author*Munehiro Kumashiro, Yudai Izumi, Koichi Matsuo (Hiroshima Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 78

P-46 (Other)
TitleStructure Analysis of Oligosaccharides using Synchrotron-Radiation Circular-Dichroism Spectroscopy
Author*Koichi Matsuo (Hiroshima Univ., Japan)
Pagep. 79